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Screen capture of the front page of Echo Training Services' website, link in the body text

Echo Training Services

When XSIBL Ltd was commissioned to create an accessibility audit for Echo Training Services, it became clear fairly immediately that the site would require a complete rehaul.

A 28-page audit was necessary because almost nothing complied with single A guidelines, let alone AA. The entire navigational menu would not work properly for blind users (ie their text-to-speech software was unable to read out most of the navigational structure). Keyboard-only users could not open any second-tier options in the structure. ALT text was almost non-existant (and, when used, often inappropriate). There were many undefined acronyms, blind users would find parts of pages would be read out in the wrong order, and visually-impaired users would have had great difficulty in reading a lot of the text because of poor colour contrast throughout.

With extreme cases such as these it would have been impractical to fix the existing site, and far easier and cost-effective to start again. I worked closely with a website development company, Websdone, to create a brand new website which passed AA perfectly.

Screen capture of the front page of Royal Richmond Archery Club's website, link in the body text

Royal Richmond Archery Club

The Royal Richmond Archery Club's website was not in too bad a state when XSIBL Ltd initially audited it, but there were a lot of colour contrast issues, inappropriate or non-existant alternative text, and some poor link descriptions throughout.

After liaising closely with the project manager in charge of their website, most of the issues raised in the report were fixed to our satisfaction. However, in order to pass AA fully, the site still needs to have skiplinks, and there are accessibility issues with the mailing list subscription page. The client is aware of this but it will be addressed when they next redesign their wesbite, as they were unable to make these changes on their existing CMS.

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