Accessibility statement

Accessibility statement

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This site passes WCAG 2.1 AA, and there are a lot extra add-ons that help it on its way to achieving AAA as well. To achieve AAA the blue of the links would need to be a little darker, for example. But what I have also included is a widget in the top left (where you see the wheelchair icon) where you can change the website colours, and more importantly you can toggle the links to be underlined or not. You see, some people have monochromatic vision (can only see in black and white), which is why you should never use only colour to differentiate something. And why I provide the option to change the blue links to underlined links.

Depending on your settings, you will also see a button on the top marked AT, which stands for Assistive Technology. Again, you will not have to have such an option to pass AA. Most blind people use their own text-to-speech software. There are high-tech ones such as JAWS, by Freedom Scientific, or free ones such as NVDA, by NV Access. Users of iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch for example use their own text-to-speech software, VoiceOver. People who are both deaf and blind will often plug in a Braille display unit which will convert the page to Braille. But none of this is relevant if your webpage is not properly designed to work with text-to-speech software in the first place! And you would be amazed how many websites out there fail.

I can say, with full confidence, that this website is not one of them!

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